Friday, 12 December 2014

Week 7 Minecraft City Project

We had a double session this week because it was are final week in minecraft. firstly we got onto the week 7 padlet and wrote our goals down, my goal was to set a high standed and make the hospital look even better.

It was now time to get onto to minecraft and start to build the rest of the city. When we got on I looked around the city for ideas to make the hospital look better. I really liked all the big signs on top of the buildings and the elevator that Anton made. So I went back to my build group and asked if they wanted a water elevator and a big sign on the top of the hospital. My build group thought that ideas could work, so of I went while Jake and Callum named the Donkeys and making the hospital work so when people get sick they will get better instead of staring at the hospital. My plan for the water elevator was to have a iron door with a pressure plate next to it and one on the other side so it opens and closes without letting water out. Then I would build iron blocks up to the second foor and fill up the tank with water.When I thought I was finished I tryed it my self but when I was going up I relized that with all the water I could lose hearts when I switched to survival so I added signs to the iron blocks so I can keep taking breaths. I've gotta admit that I did a pretty good job!

Next was the sign on top of the hospital which was a bit my simple until I realized that there wasn't enough room for the sign so I added an extra part to the hospital to finished of the sign and I think that was a great idea because not only I get a sign but I get an extra part to the hospital! When I finished the sign there was still time left so I added a roller coaster to the second floor and a few extra rooms so more patients can come in.

It was are groups turn for the video today. Audury organised us for who doing what. I am speaking first telling everyone how we got started on the hospital. Jake is talking about the location and inspiration of the hospital and Callum is talking about the materials and the choices we made. All and all I think we all did a very good video. But there was one small problem... the camera didn't catch our heads in the video:(.

When I was added a extra bed to one of the rooms it was time to switched to survival which was a shame because I didn't get to finished placing down the bed. Survival was really fun until I got lost in the city and then it got worse it was going dark and every one was in bed ready to go to sleep but of course the couldn't because every had to be in bed at the same time which was hard until I found that I had a bed with me at the time! On the second day I found mmy way back to the hospital but before I could get there we had to get onto are padlets.

Finally we all got onto the padlets for are post comments. If you go onto the Minecraft City project Week 7 Quick recap the blog will be there. I thought that Minecraft was a great school activity and would recommend it to other schools or even holiday clubs. Please comment!

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  1. This is a super entry as your final Minecraft session. I like your honesty. I also like how your reflection flows showing good connectives and not just then, then,then. Well done!