Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Minecraft City Project Week 5

In Week 5 of our Minecraft City project the class went on to the padlet wall that Mr Scurr sent us to do are Pre comments. We were still focusing on the a Self Manage goal. We had to choose a different goal this week and I chose accept and respond to feedback. The padlet will be down at the bottom.
Our group all wanted finish are hosipital completely.

When we got on to Minecraft I deystored some random blocks while Jake and Callum spawned and named donkeys. After that I looked all over the town/city especially the police station. My favourite part of the police station was the cafe ( made by Tom ). In fact the cafe was so good that I went straight to the hosipital to add to my cafe that I built I added stone bricks to the floor of the cafe and now it looks amazing even Jake said! After that I built a third room to my hosipital which has a bed and chest with cake and another food. Finally I added a potions chest with a sign next to it. My favourite part was when I added the flooring to the cafe. My goal for next week is to clear the land around the hosipital so it is easy to get in.

All together I think I had a very successful day at the south library and we have finished the hosipital!!
At the end we do are post commets for minecraft and someone made a video about the police station the they built. The photos are below.


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