Monday, 17 November 2014

Minecraft City Project Week 4

When we got to the south library, the tutors told us that the people their last time got into our Minecraft world and flooded the world. Danny ( one of are tutors ) spent a hour and a half placing back blocks and clearing the world.

After that we made a padlets for are pre comets first. The focus this week was Self Manging. I choose to have a "can do attuidue". The padlet will be down below.

 Thirdly we got to go on to Minecraft to start finishing our builds. I made a cafe for the people who come here and get hungry. I also made the Reception. In the Reception and cafe there are villagers that can't get out so it looks like they work there. I made my first door that opens when you step on the pressure plate. My goal for next week is to name the donkeys and make the hosipital look grand!

Overall I think I and my group did an amazing job and are going to be able to play on our donkeys  next week. There is another photo below.

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