Sunday, 16 November 2014

Minecraft City Project Week 3

The first thing we did in week 3 was getting onto our padlets, the padlets will be embed down at the bottom. We did our goal setting before. We had to base the goal setting on Realting to others. There were choosing underneath, such as negohating between our groups.

After we post our goals we had a long play on minecraft. Our group has know finished all the first story which has a outside area  and a place for the donkys as well as a fancy entrance which has doors the open when you step on the pressure plate.

When we finished our first story we moved onto our second story. So far in our second story we have a room with lots of beds and has a pressure plate to open the door. In our 2nd story we have payed out all the carpet and have created all the walls and ceilings and we have made crosses on the top of the hosipital, the sides of the hosipital and a massive one at the front.

After we had our last play on minecraft we made a new padlet about how it all went and did we achieve our goal or not and how did we achieve our goal. 

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