Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Minecraft City Project Week 5

In Week 5 of our Minecraft City project the class went on to the padlet wall that Mr Scurr sent us to do are Pre comments. We were still focusing on the a Self Manage goal. We had to choose a different goal this week and I chose accept and respond to feedback. The padlet will be down at the bottom.
Our group all wanted finish are hosipital completely.

When we got on to Minecraft I deystored some random blocks while Jake and Callum spawned and named donkeys. After that I looked all over the town/city especially the police station. My favourite part of the police station was the cafe ( made by Tom ). In fact the cafe was so good that I went straight to the hosipital to add to my cafe that I built I added stone bricks to the floor of the cafe and now it looks amazing even Jake said! After that I built a third room to my hosipital which has a bed and chest with cake and another food. Finally I added a potions chest with a sign next to it. My favourite part was when I added the flooring to the cafe. My goal for next week is to clear the land around the hosipital so it is easy to get in.

All together I think I had a very successful day at the south library and we have finished the hosipital!!
At the end we do are post commets for minecraft and someone made a video about the police station the they built. The photos are below.


Monday, 17 November 2014

Minecraft City Project Week 4

When we got to the south library, the tutors told us that the people their last time got into our Minecraft world and flooded the world. Danny ( one of are tutors ) spent a hour and a half placing back blocks and clearing the world.

After that we made a padlets for are pre comets first. The focus this week was Self Manging. I choose to have a "can do attuidue". The padlet will be down below.

 Thirdly we got to go on to Minecraft to start finishing our builds. I made a cafe for the people who come here and get hungry. I also made the Reception. In the Reception and cafe there are villagers that can't get out so it looks like they work there. I made my first door that opens when you step on the pressure plate. My goal for next week is to name the donkeys and make the hosipital look grand!

Overall I think I and my group did an amazing job and are going to be able to play on our donkeys  next week. There is another photo below.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Minecraft City Project Week 3

The first thing we did in week 3 was getting onto our padlets, the padlets will be embed down at the bottom. We did our goal setting before. We had to base the goal setting on Realting to others. There were choosing underneath, such as negohating between our groups.

After we post our goals we had a long play on minecraft. Our group has know finished all the first story which has a outside area  and a place for the donkys as well as a fancy entrance which has doors the open when you step on the pressure plate.

When we finished our first story we moved onto our second story. So far in our second story we have a room with lots of beds and has a pressure plate to open the door. In our 2nd story we have payed out all the carpet and have created all the walls and ceilings and we have made crosses on the top of the hosipital, the sides of the hosipital and a massive one at the front.

After we had our last play on minecraft we made a new padlet about how it all went and did we achieve our goal or not and how did we achieve our goal. 

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Minecraft Goals for Week 3

My first goal for week 3 is to create and finish the 2nd story. My second goal is to include my detail and make the rooms. My third goal for week 3 is to start on the 2nd hosipital. Below is the place were we are going to build the second hospital.