Thursday, 30 October 2014

Minecraft City Project Week One

The first thing we did for our Minecraft project was planing are first builds. Firstly we everyone one could shoot their hand up and say ANYTHING they wanted to build, I chose a supermarket I thought we needed it for if when get hungry if we change to survival. Then we listed are wants and needs. There was a big debat over getting farm into the needs first or the supermarket I thought we needed both but we could only put ten in the needs so the supermarket didn't make it! After that we put are self on a scale from one to ten I ranked myself a 5.5 because I've done it before and know how to play but not the cheats and advance stuff. The people who were tens chose what they wanted to do I chose the police station because of all the fun stuff we could make but their we to many people in our group so I joined the hospital group. When we walked down to the south learning centre the tutors taught us who to play and set up to Minecraft and had a play around to get used to it then made a start. These are some of the photos Mr Scurr took:

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  1. nice work you descried a lot i rate you a 7